Tuesday, November 16, 2010

FINAL Exams May 2011

   Professional Study Programme
  • Admission and Revision Study ( Nov. 25thto 30th  )  
1.     Accounting  Standards
2.     Standards on Auditing
               3.  Income -tax

  • Regular Classes    
          (Dec. 1st to Mar. 31st)

1.     Morning and Evening Classes – Individual
2.     Batch Classes – Saturdays  , Sundays & Holidays
3.     Hostel Facility for Outstation Students
                 4.  Chapter wise Revision test papers

  • Exam Preparation  (April 2011)

1.     Crash classes ( Professional Approach with  exam tips)
2.     Revision Study with practice kit and previous questions
3.     Doubt Clearance
4.     Model Test Papers

        For Details Contact: 0484 -6456253,   9388485556

      CA Entrance  (CPT) Classes will start on 3rd Jan. 2011 ( Residential & Non – Residential )

Pillai’s Professional Study Programme (Residential)

Result oriented coaching for :
IPCC/PCC May  2011 Exams

Admission and Basic classes   ( Nov. 20th to 27th  )  

1.     Accountancy & Final accounts
2.     Mathematical application
3.     Language Improvement

Regular Classes    ( Nov 29 th   Feb 28 th    )

  1. Chapter wise Classes (Academic level for  Subject knowledge)
  2. Study of each chapter with reference books
  3. Chapter wise Revision test paper for assessing the level of knowledge .
  4. Practical classes for Development in Presentation, Time management, Communication Skill , Handwriting etc.
  5. Meditation & Relaxation Classes

Exam Preparation & Revision study    (March & April 2011)

1.     Subject wise Advanced classes ( Professional Approach with  exam tips)
2.     Revision Study with practice kit and previous questions
3.     Doubt Clearance
4.     Model Test Papers

Limited Seats ! For Details Contact:0484 -6456253, 9388485556
Non –Residential Classes start on 1ST December, 2010 (INDIVIDUAL & BATCH )

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

How to prepare your daily time table ?


    1. Start studying for the exam from the first day of class itself and keep up.

2. Carefully analyze your Course syllabus and course objectives.

3. Find out important areas from previously asked questions.

4. Carefully select your study material and reference books . Don’t change them in between. Only add additional points as needed.

   5. For easy study and quick revision make your own summary notes of each chapter.     Along with important points it should contain rules, formulae and specific problem technique used in the chapter.

6. Divide the time available till exam into two. Study and Revision.
        … ……. Months for study , …………. Months for revision.

7. Divide the entire syllabus in the time available for study.
………………… chapters in … month/ days (likewise).

8. After that prepare a monthly time table followed by a daily time table.

9. Apply this for all subjects.

10. Keep in mind not to overload yourself and to be realistic.

    11. In your everyday timetable include small and big chapters/ theory and practical   subjects .

    12. Honour  your timetable and go by it.

13.  Stick it somewhere you can see it often. ( Preferably on the wall over your study table).

Yoga and relaxation classes

Yoga and relaxation classes for stress management will be given for residential centre students .
Every alternate day .
Evening 5.00 pm to 6.00pm.

Why a residential centre for Corporate courses ?

Corporate Industry needs people who have quick  decision making and grasping skills. For this students need to be trained on the updated trends in practical accounting along with the theoretical lessons.Conventional classroom sessions have limitations to impart such quality training .

In the Conventional class room study of Commerce and Accounting students merely view the topic purely in the examination point of view . They somehow commit the lessons into memory to reproduce the same on the answer paper, without knowing its practical application. Only after they pass out and starts their career they realize the importance .Then it takes almost a decade for them to acquire the practical knowledge and decision making skills expected from a sheer professional . This hinders a steady rise in their career graph.

Here is the significance of Residential Training Programme in which the experts from the industry imparts practical lessons and share their experiences.

Thursday, September 2, 2010


There would be no change  in OLD syllabus . Topics are same .Only Question model  can change.

Source :icai .org new announcement