Career Path

Career Counseling
    We have found that many students are unaware of their aptitudes and undecided about their career goals. Bearing in mind a vague goal can be worse than no goal at all, we have developed a counseling program which can benefit students who are prepared to invest their time and effort to achieve their goals.
    Aptitude tests
      This test is designed to assist you in making the right career decision .  Personality testing enables you to assess your interests and direct you down a career path that fits your unique skills and personality. 

      Career Guidance
        Through Guidance we intend to orient those students who are currently studying and those who may be thinking of enrolling on any of the many courses available. We will provide up-to- date course information as well as helpful advice on issues that need to be taken into consideration when applying for a course.
        We will help you with questions like:
         (1) When to join.  (2) How to join.  (3) How much it may cost. (4) How much time it may need.  (5) How to prepare for the next stage. etc.